Chalet Mirabelle Winter highlights

Just over two years ago when we broke ground on a plot on Mont D’Arbois, with the idea that there was another way to do luxury family ski holidays, I never would have believed just how well the chalet would be received all the way from the design to our wellness and hospitality ethos. I write this, one season on from when, interiors were finished, the photoshoot done, a bundle of nerves, I pressed live on the website and waited…these are Chalet Mirabelle’s season highlights.

  1. Chalet Mirabelle hosts its’ first Christmas and New Year. Christmas is such a special time, it can be simultaneously joy-giving and heart-breaking. Surrounding oneself with warmth and company is the biggest gift anyone can have. Thus, it was a heavenly couple of weeks of family, friends, good food, good wine, good skiing and just really good times.

    Christmas at Chalet Mirabelle. Twinkling fairy lights, beautiful Christmas trees, personalised crackers love and laughter. https://bespokeandoak.co.uk/product/personalised-handwritten-crackers-ready-made-black/

  2. Chalet Mirabelle is featured in the ‘Spotlight on’ series by Jim Lawrence, who specialise in beautiful handcrafted lighting, which, I used throughout the chalet. The full article can be read here. http://blog.jim-lawrence.co.uk/chalet-mirabelle/

    The Spa room, Chalet Mirabelle featuring Jim Lawrence pendants.

  3. Chalet Mirabelle’s first guests for the Orthodox Christmas and New Year are an absolute dream. They LOVED their stay and in the sincerest of compliments extend their stay, AND rebooked for 2020 season

    Fashion and style maven Irina Pranevsky and family are our first guests. https://www.instagram.com/irina.pranevsky/

  4. Chalet Mirabelle is featured in Arabian Homes, in an article I wrote for the magazine on window treatments, a perfect opportunity to showcase the architecture, design details and the art of leaving things unadorned.

    Chalet Mirabelle Entrance Hall, the architectural bones of the chalet left to speak for themselves. https://www.arabianhomes.co

  5. The second party of guests arrive at and it is a big 50th birthday week, cue extra champagne all round! I love that it is a continuing trend that Chalet Mirabelle is being chosen for special occasions, such an important part of our ‘Why’ is family and friends coming together all year round.

    Celebrate with a glass of fizz in the nordic bath with views of Mont Blanc. https://lvgfrance.com

  6. Pink House came to stay! In return for complimentary accommodation at Chalet Mirabelle, creator of The Pink House, lifestyle and interiors journalist Emily Murray, the Pink House husband and her 2 boys embarked on their first ever family ski holiday. Emily’s enthusiasm and delight was absolutely contagious. You can read Emily’s review here https://www.pinkhouse.co.uk/blog/2019/3/5/5-rules-for-a-fab-family-skiing-holiday.

    The Pink House living her best life

  7. Chalet Mirabelle hosts the UK and Paris half-terms, the former with our biggest party of guests to date and the latter with a family of master bakers. The morning pastry delights of Max Burry and apres-ski cake baking of Lovely Lou (our in-resort host) received the ultimate seal of approval!

    Fresh baked pastries from La Max Burry and fresh baked apres-ski cakes are a daily staple in ski season

  8. Chalet Mirabelle is included in the luxe and collector’s edition of Homes & Interiors Scotland. The interview provided a lovely opportunity to look back over the design process and how symbolic the chalet had become to our family. Nevertheless, I was stunned by the 15 page feature, so much of it thanks to the talented interiors photographer Susie Lowe https://www.susielowestudio.com.

    Interior photography by Susie Lowe Studio

  9. Ultimate Girl Gang and friends came to stay –Whew! 6 children under the age of 5, 4 relaxed as can be parents thanks to a pre-arrival shopping haul, some seriously sunny spring skiing, perfect for little ones to learn in and the safe hands of The Chalet Nanny https://www.instagram.com/thechaletnanny/.

    https://www.instagram.com/ultimategirlgang/ https://www.dinoskiwear.com

  10. Chalet Mirabelle went under the hammer at the Maggie’s Centre ‘Secret Garden Party’ to raise money for their new centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital. A week at the chalet raised a WHOPPING ELEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS for the centre. Maggie’s was a great source of support during my own tough time with cancer, and it felt so good to be able to give back as part of our ongoing commitment to charitable causes. https://www.maggiescentres.org
  11. Last minute… Lizzie Loves Healthy, who I nearly told not to come due to the unseasonably warm end of March! Fortunately, Lizzie was wiser, and the snow gods overheard the conversation, there was some fresh powder just before their trip and according to some insiders ‘the conditions of the season!’.http://lizzieloveshealthy.com

    A snowy morning in the village of St Gervais Les Bains https://tourism.saintgervais.com

  12. The end of season family trip. I took a leaf out of the Chalet Mirabelle handbook and went offline, focused on family time, clean, good food, the fantastic outdoors and the mesmeric views from the terrace that showed off 4 seasons in one week! I read through the guest book, delighted in so many kind and happy reviews and was thankful to such a wonderful group of guests who took such great care of the chalet during their stays. Lastly, I surprised the family with the most incredible morning, a scenic trip in a 4-seater light aircraft (room for 3 adults and 2 little ones) around the Valle Blanche, an absolute must-do! https://www.aerocime.com/en/  which was a fittingly soaring end to an amazing season. Bring on 2020!! Happy New Year Everyone!!

    Take to the skies and tour Le Valle Blanche from Megeve altiport in a private Musketeer flight.

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